Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010


Enjoying a fun meal prepared by Bob and Chris. Lots of laughter and silliness.

Chris and Emma working the soil at one of our service projects in the city, The Free Farm.
A group of us working the soil, preparing the bed for collard planting.

Walking the labyrinth at the Free Farm. Lots of distractions, and hard to stay focused.
Some worked harder than others!!
Working the compost
Showing their hard work!
Planting in the prepared bed.
Bob bringing us some water prior to planting
Griff giving us some direction on how he wanted the plants arranged.
Preparing the soil
Loving every minute of working in the soil!

Monday, July 19, 2010 Hannah’s Prayer/Activity Day
Theme: Seeing God in different faces
7:30 am Wake up
8:00 am Breakfast (continental breakfast provided) – Morning Prayer
9:00 -12:00 Service Project (Community Garden, Joshua “Griff” Griffin, Environmental Justice Missioner 12:00-2:00 Lunch in Chinatown - prayer
2:30 pm Chinatown tour
3:30 pm Afternoon activities (Zoo, Aquarium by the Bay, etc)
7:30 pm Dinner – dinner prayer
8:30 pm Evening Activity
9:00 pm Evening Gathering (prayer/reflection)
9:30 pm Personal Time
10:30 pm Lights Out

Monday, July 19, 2010
We started out the day catching the bus for our service work at the community garden of Free Farm. Our contact, “Griff”, met us, and showed us what needed to be done. He was impressed with the work of most!! The boys were working on their rap song, hoping to complete it for a video presentation for our congregation. We walked the garden’s labyrinth, eating vegetables along the way. Then it was off to Chinatown, and find a quick meal, and get to our tour site. Our Chinese meal was very tasty, for most. Next we met our guide Sally, who showed us around Chinatown, the Tao Temple, the fortune cookie factory, all the back alleys and lots of historical information. We then headed to the Aquarium by the Bay on Pier 39. Back to the hostel where the adults cooked burgers. Off to bed.

Daily Questions: · Think about the different faces you have seen today.

I saw four different nationalities while we were working at the Free Farm, community garden. They stopped to see what it was we were doing.
Four Chinese women stopped and gave us a thumbs up sign.
Realizing that people could live in Chinatown all their lives and never leave and explore the world or even the rest of the city.
Old time friendships.
Not enough room in their homes, so they come to the park to socialize (their living room)
Bongo player. I gave money to him and he thanked me.
Bush man, dog man asking for money.

· What did you learn about their life, their struggles, and their joys?

Guys (Bushman, Dogman) were having fun doing a job that pays for what their daily needs were.
Saw a Chinese woman on the bus crying. Not sure what to do for her.
Chinese people not knowing the language, trying to raise money for their families.
Met a composer, originally from Wisconsin. He was writing a musical about the struggles of his great grandparents.

· What did you discover about yourself and your response to those you met today? What insights will you take home with you?

Not sure how to react to the crying woman. I wanted to help her, to see if she was okay, etc. Not sure how to help her.
Saw a blind woman trying to cross the street.

I am afraid of seeing homeless people; they represent failure, hunger, suffering. I learned to just be careful and not afraid.
I want to overcome my fear.
Felt nervous in Chinatown. Embarrassed, uncomfortable asking for directions.
Felt a lot of pity for people and the position they're in. (not having a freezer, living room, dryer)

Highlight of the Day:

Working in the garden
Walking the labyrinth
Unable to meditate at the Cathedral labyrinth. Able to zone out here (garden labyrinth.)
The simplicity of the Cathedral labyrinth
The small paths and tight turns of the Cathedral labyrinth; a piece of art.
Getting glasses and turtle bread
Ate from the garden.
The smells and colors of the garden

Quote of the Day:

Hey Rat Brothers wake up
Last time I checked, trees don't have teeth.
Rub my turtle
Make sure you bring a canteen, make sure you bring duct tape, cuz canteens tend to spring a leak.
"Amen; oh whatever"
"blue one, yellow one I win" (slug bug)
This is not a broccoli plant but a sunflower.
The powder on the bagel was mold, not powdered sugar.

Watch the videos below. The one on the left was taken at a Chinese Restaurant, prior to our tour of Chinatown! The video on the right was created by Max and Drew as a sort of rap version of this pilgrimage. Enjoy!!


  1. hi guys! the collards you planted are like a foot tall now!!!!

    i'll have to take a picture this weekend

  2. Wow! Thanks for the update, Griff!